The website continues to be visited by between six and seven hundred people a month. There is always an influx of visitors after I have e-mailed Members about a new subject or an update on something we are involved with, such as Pylons.

I am afraid that inevitably there are people who move house, or change their e-mail address, and fail to tell me, and then e-mails to them get returned. I have tried to contact all people where this happened in 2009 but several have not responded to my telephone calls or letters. If you have not had an e-mail about Pylons then it means that I do not have your e-mail address.

PLEASE CAN YOU e-mail me your address?

We are not a rich Association and cannot afford to write letters to all Members about very important matters (Pylons) that may affect the preservation of our beautiful landscape and therefore we have to rely on e-mail to get in touch. This makes it even more important that you let me have your e-mail address. I send all e-mails Bcc so your e-mail address is not passed to anyone else and the list will not be given to anyone else.

Mark Dawson


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